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Before You Get an Outdoor Kitchen, Read This

Beautiful fire kitchen set on the patio, facing the river

With summertime and the sunny weather around the corner, maybe you have thought of upgrading your backyard or deck. If you have been considering a brand new outdoor kitchen, now is the best time to do it. One of the first questions you should be asking yourself as you scale your living space is, “Where am I going to put this outdoor kitchen?”. Majority of the time the answer will be among a backyard deck where it’s most suitable for the warm weather. The Gas Guys are capable of creating your dream outdoor kitchen and can do so in a variety of architectural ways, however you envision it!


Adding an outdoor kitchen to a backyard deck takes specific and careful planning. You should consider what is being installed, how much space it will take up and how much space is already taken up of the deck/patio (ex. seating, decor, etc.). Preferably, something to think about is keeping the cook near the guests. This way, it is easier for everyone to engage as opposed to watching the chef do his work on the other side of the deck.

Your Type of Deck

Whether you own a raised, multilevel or platform deck, pin-pointing where your new outdoor kitchen will be placed is key. Depending on where you place your new outdoor kitchen installment, you should consider the weight and sturdiness for the designated area as well. If you believe it might be time for a deck renovation, that might be something to invest in before an outdoor set-up. Your deck is a common gathering spot and is meant to give your family, friends or visitors a good impression of you.


Depending on what variation of outdoor kitchen you are leaning towards, amenities and utilities and their placements should be planned out. Do you plan on running lines for your amenities under the deck, along the beams, or just concealed upon the surface? There are a few utilities which are just important to be planned for like your kitchen installment itself. Gas and propane for your grill/burners, plumbing for a sink and amenities which require electricity, such as a mini fridge or surrounding lighting. When looking to create your dream outdoor kitchen, planning and placement goes beyond the location of your grill and countertop.

Worried about something not fitting, unsure of which amenities are required and/or best for you? If you have any questions or concerns at all, please Contact Us on our website or give us a call at 778-512-1000.

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