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Enjoy Premium Patio Heaters This Fall With The Gas Guys

While an eventful Summer begins to wrap up, we move into Fall where holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years are also approaching. All these great family and friends gatherings often overflow from the living room to backyard spaces and outdoor living areas. To keep yourself and your guests cozy, you may consider an outdoor patio heater to get the job done.

While the weather is still nice but getting a bit cooler, you’re often forced to move things inside sooner than preferred. With patio heaters, you can extend the seasonal enjoyment of your outdoor space, whatever the size or occasion.

Setting up your patio for natural gas heating may seem like a large commitment. While this may be true depending on the household, the result, longevity, and convenience makes it completely worthwhile. Natural gas is much cheaper than propane, and you’ll never have to carry around a heavy propane tank, or run out, again!

In this blog you can discover why an outdoor patio heater would be ideal for your outdoor living space this Fall season.

Why You Should Consider an Outdoor Patio Heater

If you are unfamiliar with outdoor heating, let us enlighten you on some of the latest technology available from the Gas Guys Team. Electric-powered heaters are economical and provide a stable temperature for smaller areas. On the other hand, gas-powered heating elements can heat up larger spaces, but can also be a bit more costly with continuous use.

The heat generated by an outdoor patio heater is very similar to the heat you feel being produced by the sun. Whether you’re using an infrared heater indoors or outdoors, the heat is easily absorbed by the objects and people it reaches. It comfortably raises the ambient temperature in both indoor and outdoor settings by heating cool surfaces. This makes infrared heaters perfect for just about any occasion where comfort is important. The Gas Guys works with trusted brands like Bromic Heating, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the most reliable heaters on the market.

Premium Outdoor Patio Heaters by Bromic Heating

Bromic Heating is unique in being the only company to design, engineer, and manufacture gas, electric and portable outdoor heating products. Their commercial outdoor heaters can be discovered among many of the world’s leading shopping centres, hotels, casinos and restaurants. These convenient heaters offer single-switch activation and smart system compatibility. With luxurious stainless steel construction, versatile sizing and precise directional heating, Bromic heaters are your ideal choice for outdoor heaters this fall.

Over time, we’ve built a strong reputation among homeowners and restaurants alike across Greater Vancouver. Whether our customers require commercial or residential outdoor heating, we are able to source the components needed and custom design and install the project for them. Our outdoor patio heaters guarantee durability and efficiency in a variety of sizes, prices and fuel types. If you have any questions about outdoor patio heaters, feel free to contact our Customer Support Team.

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