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Throwing A Barbecue Party? Safety Guidelines You Should Consider

A Summer without backyard barbecues is as hard to imagine as a Fall without pumpkin spice. With COVID-19 cases in British Columbia dwindling down to under 20 a day, many households are considering inviting friends and families over to gather in their homes. While the virus indeed does indeed appear less threatening now, it’s always good to follow the proper safety measures when having people over to your home.

To help both you and your guests stay safe, below are a few things to consider when throwing a barbecue party during these uncertain times.

How Big of a Gathering is Too Big?

There’s no easy answer to an attendance cap you should put on your parties. According to a physician, it depends on how big your yard is and how spread out your guests will be. A general rule of thumb is if each guest can stay 6 feet apart from each other, you’re likely doing okay.

Keeping Proper Social Distance

Another rule of thumb, somewhat contrary to the above, is if you can’t see everyone from where you’re standing, your party is probably too big. As a guest, if a party you’re attending seems way bigger than you anticipated, it’s probably best to go home if you feel uncomfortable.

Who Should I Invite?

Next, consider who you’re inviting. While making a guest list, consider making notes about the age, health status, and general comfort level of all guests, as well as your own immediate family. If a guest you know is sick or aren’t feeling too well, consider giving them a rain check to the next party instead.

Are There Dishes to Avoid?

When it comes to the menu, doctors suggest hosts to follow some of the best practices restaurants are currently employing. Avoid shared dishes like chips, crudité platters, and other things that involve portion sharing. Also opt for disposable dishes and utensils instead of things you’ll have to wash later on.

The absolute best way to ensure guest safety is to individually wrap meals. However, if you don’t have the time or resources to do that, don’t worry. It’ll be fairly hard to wrap a full steak or freshly grilled kebab anyways.

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