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Working With A Small Space? Here’s How to Make An Outdoor Kitchen Fit (4 Important Steps!)

A big grill, drawers, granite or marble counter tops, amenities, and the usage of space. These are all among the first thoughts of an individual wanting to install a new Outdoor Kitchen. While customization options are endless for most of these features, one aspect of an Outdoor Kitchen that is hard to alter is the amount of the space. Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest barriers to getting a new outdoor kitchen is the limitation of space. What if we told you that there are workarounds?

There are many diverse ideas available for a small Outdoor Kitchen design that can create a fully functional and visually appealing Outdoor Kitchen. Below are four important essential steps to making your dream project become a reality.

4 Important Outdoor Kitchen Requirements for Small Spaces

1. Measure And Visualize Your Working Area Beforehand.

When you are first commencing your Outdoor Kitchen plans, this step is the most important. If you take measurements and notes of your workspace, you’re able to design the most useful Outdoor Kitchen layout to fit in your small space. While doing so, you can determine the best cabinet sizes and how specific features and utilities (like a fridge) can fit properly while also being functional. Even our custom accessory drawers– like the simple, clean designs that The Gas Guys offers – give a noticeable advantage of making a small space seem much larger.

2. Consider All Essentials

By pointing out any must-haves in your Outdoor Kitchen design, such as the need for counter space or storage, you can create a layout with all your requirements that suits you. Also, a positive for Outdoor Kitchen owners who work within small spaces, there is no added element of unusable space. Taking note of your must-haves will allow you to have all of your personal desires features, all while reducing excess clutter and making the overall space as usable as possible.

3. Be Smart And Efficient

Storage options, like kitchen islands, are more important than you think in smaller spaces. Make the best use of your small space by finding smart ways to store supplies, an Outdoor Kitchen island is a perfect solution for this purpose. It offers the owner much more counter space to prepare food, store utensils and food, along with the addition of plenty of storage. Additional options like drawers and shelves are also great storage options, but be wary of the space you have left. Outdoor Kitchens offer a beautiful grill-space with all the storage space you’ll need to prepare meals with for all of your outdoor dining experiences.

4. Select Accessories That Are Brighter And Bigger.

Specific placement of accessories and design elements can make a smaller Outdoor Kitchen feel much larger. Lighting, a large mirror, or even a large fan can create a bright, warm space that will seamlessly be inviting and make your space feel bigger. To add, lighter colours or reflective metallics will provide a brighter image, allowing your space to look overall larger.

A luxurious Outdoor Kitchen is not only a tactical financial investment to increase the value of your house, but also a gateway to spending quality time with friends and family. If you require any assistance with maintaining or building your Outdoor Kitchen, feel free to give us a call. We have over 20 years of experience working with Outdoor Kitchens, if you have any questions or concerns please contact our Customer Support Team.

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