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How to Properly Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Spring

While we may not exactly be at the end of the Winter season, there’s no doubt that the days are slowly beginning to warm up!

As we fly out of reach of the holiday season, it can be difficult to sit calmly in anticipation of the growing warmth!  But while each day slowly grows longer, with more hours of sunlight to keep us busy, it’s important that you begin preparing your outdoor living space for the backyard entertainment season ahead. 

Many homeowners typically set their outdoor living appliances and accessories into hibernation-mode during the cooler season by winterizing outdoor kitchen spaces and furniture. But to make sure you’re not wasting any time once those warmer days roll around, here are some of our favourite ways to prepare your backyard paradise for the Spring season ahead!

1) Clean-Out Any Winter Debris

There’s no better time to begin prepping your outdoor living space than those cool, dry Winter days. Before you can take full advantage of your backyard again, we recommend you make use of this off-season to set your backyards affairs in order. To take full advantage of the warmer days ahead, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible to simply hop back into your outdoor living-mode.

If the snow has melted, we recommend you begin with a simple sweeping of whatever space may surround your fire table, outdoor kitchen appliances, or patio area. This is simply to tidy up any dirt remnants that may have been left behind from those Winter storms. This is also an amazing opportunity to dust out any storage areas that have been housing your outdoor furniture sets and accessories.  

2) Lavish, Polish, and Protect Your Outdoor Equipment!

Depending on the material of your outdoor kitchen appliances and furniture, you may want to consider using basic protectors to increase the longevity of your investments. These are essentially just various care products that you would apply to your outdoor equipment that can help reduce discolouration, as well simply protect the material from anything Mother Nature may throw at it! 

Every backyard is different. Whether it’s been designed to serve as the ultimate bachelor pad, or maybe as the entertainment capital of the neighbourhood. With that in mind, the material of every outdoor kitchen appliance and furniture set may vary per backyard, and subsequently, require a different care product. 

For wooden furniture, if you’re unsure of whether you may need a polishing product or a sealant, we recommend your check out Gardenista’s care guide for protecting your outdoor wood furniture. This is one of our favourite introductory guides that can save any homeowner from hundreds of dollars spent on avoidable backyard repairs and replacements.

For stainless steel appliances, while they may be rust and corrosion resistant, that doesn’t mean they won’t need some occasional loving, such as a nice gentle wipe-down with a non-abrasive cloth and a little soapy water. Just be sure that all surfaces are completely dry (to keep your appliances free of any mineral deposit buildup!) and to avoid any chemical cleansers!

For more outdoor design tips and advice from The Gas Guys, be sure to check out our other posts! 

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